Abortion – It Is More Than a Choice

Abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. This definition doesn’t sound to bad does it? But in all reality abortion is killing a human being

and there is no way it can fight back. Most people would say that an embryo or a fetus isn’t a human being, but it is. People hind behind the facts and try and say that abortion is a procedure and that they aren’t killing a person because it isn’t fully grown yet. In all reality the fact is that it is a human and by having an abortion you are murdering your own flesh and blood. How does that sound, killing your own kid just because it may not have of been planned or that you were rapped. There are other ways to get rid of the child like giving it up for adoption but a lot of people don’t think about the child that they are killing they are only thinking about themselves.

When you think of abortion what do you think? Are you wondering why the person is aborting there child or do you even think or care that they are at all. Well, let’s examine why a person would have to have an abortion in the first place. Is there really a good reason for having an abortion? Some people say that the kid was unexpected and that they will not be able to care for the child, the response to this is why don’t they just have the kid and then give it up for adoption? It isn’t the child’s fault that you aren’t ready to have kids so why punish them? Other people say that the child is a result of being rapped and that having the kid and seeing it will remind them to much of the horrible event. To this you could say the same response why not just give it up for adoption?

When you look at abortion are you even caring about what the child has to offer or are you only thinking about how it is going to affect you? When you think about it abortion is a selfish way to just get out of having to deal with having a child or figure out what to do with the kid. Abortion isn’t a way to get out of having the responsibility of dealing with the pregnancy. It is just a cheap escape with dealing with it. Have some guts and think about what you are doing before you do something as drastic as killing your child.

Abortion is also very emotional for a lot of the people who have to go through it or are forced to go through it. You shouldn’t make some one go through something as big as an abortion because if it isn’t your body then it isn’t for you to decide. Abortion is a big step for people but some people just use it as an escape. Like when parents make there kids get an abortion because they think it is for there best good. In all reality when that person grows up it can be a very emotional thing for them and it can actually make a big problem for them in there life.

Abortion is a big problem in this time period with people thinking that it is a way to get out of dealing with your problems. When you think about how many problems that abortion can create it isn’t worth it to do. Abortion isn’t worth the entire heart ache because of something that you feel needs taken care of right now. People do drastic things, but if they would just take the time and actually examine what the heck you are doing then they might not have to go through with it.