Abstract By introducing virtual 4th dimension to represent time in similar manner like 3 dimensions of space which can be measure in terms of length, the attempt is made to explain how velocity of the object in “Special Theory of Relativity” causes time dilation and how matter affects time in case of “General Theory of Relativity”. Same concept has been used to solve the “Galaxy Rotation Curve” problem and pioneer anomaly without need of any dark matter. Finally, it is shown that, increase in time affects gravity giving new definition to gravity based on which explosion of black hole and evolution of Universe is predicted.
J.R. Hale’s book, War and Society in Renaissance Europe 1450-1620, shows that the purpose of wars in Renaissance Europe was not to gain superiority over other people, but to gain wealth and power. Throughout the book the main theme was how the ending of a war and the beginning of another war affected society. Hale divided the book into three main parts: analysis of military reformation, the political and socioeconomic impact of the 100 years war on Renaissance Europe, and the impact of war on common life. For the most part the book’s main purpose was to analyze not only the effects of war on the common people and Europe.