Gender is a system of social relations, learned ways of acting and how we visualise image representations, all learned through our culture intertwined to create our gender identity. Different countries worldwide have different teachings and ideologies upon gender, shaping the individual and creating gendered barriers, illustrating what is 'normal' and 'abnormal' within a particular society. Religion in particular is one of the main underlying foundations which a society's culture and gendered teachings are based upon, and throughout my source report I intend to uncover the history of gender and religion and the international issues and how religious beliefs shape thinkings in a plethora of different cultures through looking at different sources ranging from the media to academic evidence.
Activity Massage uses skilled manipulation of soft tissues and utilises a specific set of techniques to assist with body maintenance, recovery and prevention of problems. The beneficial effects of massage start with its positive influence on the muscular and soft tissues of the body, improving circulation of blood and lymph fluids. It is widely accepted that massage can help to speed up recovery in between training sessions and signpost potential stresses or injury as well as supporting faster rehabilitation to sustained injuries. It is not, however, purely a physical experience and massage may also provide a means of relaxation and stress relief, promoting mental well-being and stimulating the senses.
When it comes to being an athlete, weight is a very important factor; especially football. Usually when you hear about weight problems you always hear about people being overweight, you rarely hear about people being underweight. It sounds easy but gaining weight can actually be hard for some people, especially if you’re trying to gain it the right way.