Most of us are born into this world without pain and suffering. The trauma of our birth is usually is left only on our mother, and we hear about it every year on our birthday. More often than not we grow up and live our lives free from physical pain and suffering. Many of us will have the occasional broken bone or repair surgery during our life. These are often short recoveries, which allow us to live relatively pain free lives. As we enter the last stage of our lives where dying is the outcome, most of us expect not to suffer. While we walk the line on the issue of assisted suicide, we must ask ourselves if being alive is the same as living.
In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” Prufrock questions, “Do I dare disturb the universe?” which epitomizes the disillusionment of Prufrock. Though modernism reflects new ideas of human possibilities, Prufrock displays a pessimistic attitude toward his life. The poem contains numerous thematic features of Modernism such as its form and use of literary elements. The idea of the antihero itself is a characteristic of Modernism which Prufrock embodies.
The study of culture is a challenging undertaking because its primary focus is on the broadest component of social behavior - an entire society In contrast to the psychologist, who is principally concerned with the study of individual behavior, or the sociologist, who is concerned with the study of groups. The anthropologist is primarily interested in identifying the very fabric of society itself.