Guillermo Navallez (Navallez) has several important decisions to make regarding the future of Guillermo Furniture Store (GFS). Computations of return on investment, residual income, economic value-added data, and break-even analysis provide insight for decision-making and development of optimal performance measures. Choosing the most lucrative course of action requires analyzing cost relationships and behaviors, developing a management control system that helps set production standards and goals, and ties managerial efforts to organizational goals.
Cannabis, also known as marijuana, ganja, hemp, hash, or just plain weed, is not just the harmless relaxing drug that the public likes to think it is. Regular or even infrequent marijuana smokers can suffer from a list of both long and short term health problems, many social issues and legal consequences; not to mention the bad effects it has on your body while “high.” There is a substance in the cannabis plant called THC which is what affects your brain when smoking weed, and is the main chemical in marijuana. Since marijuana has not only THC but also CBD it cannot be classified as just a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, however, THC is the main ingredient so it leans more toward a hallucinogen. Smoking marijuana regularly or even just at a party every now and then is not only wrong and illegal, but also dangerous to one’s body, mind, and life in the long run.
John Watson was born in 1878 and at the age of 16, went to college. He attained a Masters degree at the age of 21, from where he went on to be a school principal. His job lasted a year and then he moved on to attend school once more at the University of Chicago. There he studied philosophy under John Dewey. He was not satisfied with Dewey's teachings so "he sought out a different advisor and settled on functionalist psychologist James Rowland Angell and physiologist Henry Donaldson" (Wikipedia, 2007). Taking what he learned from Angell and Donaldson, Watson began forming his own theories about behavior, eventually known as "behaviorism". John B. Watson was soon to become known as the founder of the school of behaviorism in psychology. According to Wikipedia, "Behaviorism (also called learning perspective) is a philosophy of psychology based on the proposition that all things which organisms do- including acting, thinking and feeling- can and should be regarded as behaviors." Watson's theory was considered classical behaviorism otherwise known as classical conditioning. Watson's view on behavior was that it was purely elicited. He believed that people did not experience emotions, that they were a response to some other stimuli. Watson's goal for classical behaviorism was to create a more objective science. John Watson's most famous experiment was that of little Albert.