In his 1952 novella, The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway tells the story in a language of great simplicity and power. It is the story of a Cuban fisherman who is down on his luck, and is engaged in an epic battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulfstream. Written in a style of prose that Hemingway mastered throughout his literary career, the author recasts his classic theme of courage in the face of defeat, and personal triumph won from great loss. The Old Man and the Sea is the perfect medium for the author to turn situations surrounding his life into a hugely successful fictional tale, which, shocks the literary world, and wins the Pulitzer Prize in 1953.
Autism, can it be caused by a mercury-containing vaccine? This is a question that hasn’t been answered very clearly. Therefore, causing parents, of children with autism, to poor their time and money into unproductive pursuits; other parents become afraid to vaccinate their children. So what are the real causes of autism?
The term Globalization has been quite influencive in many sectors, particularly in job sector. Globalization is a difficult phenomenon to explain properly. Science and technology has quite importance in every aspect of life, but particularly the way in which technology is globally integrating the peoples of the world. The word globalization can be heard quite oftenly in political and economic dialogue. This term has brought new opportunities. The life span for the technical skills is getting shorter and shorter, when it comes to the knowledge based society. And for that purpose, the technical professionals should be up to date as far as globalization trends are concern. education is rapidly evolving as the pace of technological innovation in society accelerates. It is because excellent technical skills are required by complex and innovative global environment. For global market, knowledge and teamwork skills are essentials.