Gene One, founded by Don Ruiz and four of his colleagues, entered the biotech industry after Teri Robertson’s genetic breakthrough discovery. Teri discrovered that she could manipulate the genes of tomatoes and potatoes to make them resistant to bacteria and plagues leading to the growth of these plants without the use of pesticides, which pleased consumers since they could now buy homegrown products untainted by chemicals.
Scott Peterson now sits in San Quentin State Prison in California. He is there serving a sentence which will ultimately end in death by lethal injection once his appeals run out. He is serving this sentence for murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, and his unborn son, Conner, who he reported missing on Christmas eve, 2002. At first, this case seemed like it was more of a missing person case, not necessarily a murder case, and Scott was initially definitely not a suspect as Laci’s family and friends stood behind him and maintained their belief that he was innocent. It was not until other matters came to light that they began to question Scott’s involvement in the disappearance of Laci, which eventually led to Scott being where he is today.
My community consists of mostly White Americans. I am a white female living in Middleton Wisconsin. I see very few members of other cultures in my community. They are here though. I have a few Mexican American and also Muslim American neighbors living in my apartment community and there is a small apartment community that has a few African Americans down the road from me. The majority however is upper-class White Americans making more than fifty thousand per year per person. The chart below shows the population by race within Middleton Wisconsin. (Idcide, 2010).
Maxine Hong Kingston is the best recognized Asian-American writer today and her work attracts attention from many circles—Chinese-Americans, feminist scholars and literary critics. Her works are usually an admixture of fiction and fact, memory and imagination and their subjects range from the difficulties and complexities in the life of the Chinese woman to the immigrant life of Asian-Americans. No Name Woman focuses on the lot of the Chinese woman and particularly the sexism in Chinese culture. In it she describes the life of her shamed, drowned aunt who lived in China where there was no room for a woman’s ideas, feelings or emotional states.