The American Dream is a dream about possibilities, and a desire for success. In the eyes of the dreamer, the goal is to work hard to attain the end prize. Sometimes the prize is money, sometimes it is love; regardless of what the prize, the dreamer works hard to reach this goal. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is driven by his desire to achieve the American Dream. Unfortunately, Gatsby’s drive to achieve the dream also results in him falling victim to it. Essentially, Gatsby falls victim to the American Dream because he is forced to face the reality that his dream is just that, a dream that is out of reach and unrealistic. The main elements of Gatsby’s American Dream are: love, wealth and popularity/status. Through these concepts, Gatsby both attains and falls victim to them in his quest to fulfill his dream, the American Dream.
ASTRACT The paper has critically examined the harshness of corruption on the Nigerian economy and the support of civil servants in reduces its incidence. The ‘monster’ is the cause for the nation’s economy development impediment. Related literature of renowned scholars, white paper of the Dangin Commission (2000) of Plateau State and personal opinions of civil servants were major sources of data used for this paper. Again, we employed a survey instrument-questionnaire for collecting primary data and percentages were used for testing our hypothesis. According to our investigations, corruption in civil service is caused by Staff negligence and/or negligence of management and the more culpable persons are experienced public servants on level 10 and above, also political appointees. The best strategy of curbing corruption in Nigeria, as opined by respondents and supported by our hypothesis, is those saddled with the responsibility of fighting corruption must live above board and avoid creating bad precedent. Again, the Auditor-General and his/her subordinates should engage in a regular periodic inspection.