Garrett Hardin argues that common resources will be over-exploited by those using them. Using examples, discuss this statement together with any failings with it. Your answer should include an overview of Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons.
Do two wrongs make a right? Since the introduction of capital punishment in the United States in 1608 ( this has been a debate; a debate that will probably continue well into the future. But there are always two sides of a debate; a right and a wrong, depending which side of the fence you are on. In this instance, the death penalty is a fair punishment for the crimes committed. For this reason capital punishment should be kept in existence and practiced for the following reasons: deterrence, retribution and closure for the victim’s families.
The song “Teardrop” by the 1980's British brand Massive Attack, which was written by the Scottish singer Elizabeth Fraser, explores the theme of love through the diction and use of repetition (Ankeny). Amy Tan's fictional novel, the The Hundred Secret Senses, also explores a theme of love similar to that of “Teardrop” through the depiction of the protagonist Olivia's and her husband, Simon's relationship.
Introduction During the last three decades, China has great changes, and these changes were originally a series of progressive political reform-driven. The late 70’s of the last century, the agricultural sector reconstruct, this is known as the “agricultural reform”, lasted for eight years. The subsequent second period known as the “urban reform” began in 1985, until now it is still continuing. The rapid development of industrialization, restructuring of state-owned enterprises, trade openness increased export tax rebates and financial assistance links, as well as the gradual liberalization of the financial markets are the characteristics of this period. But the “urban reform” also brought the negatively impact: that is caused the inequalities between urban and rural increased again. The causes of inequality caused by urban and rural China is multifaceted, but the main reason is that “duality system”. This website has a lot to offer. It have a lot of different topics outlined. One topic that really stands out to me would be “A Puff Doesn’t Make You Cool Stuff”. This website talk about young children and why they should not use tobacco. I would use this in my curriculum to try and show the children that smoking really is not cool. The children will create a survey on tobacco use in school between females and males. When doing this survey in my class I would have other website and use information on why smoking is not cool and why they should not do it.