Day: April 18, 2010

  • Google Inc – Company Analysis & Strategic Plan

    Google Inc: Executive Summary Google is a research project gone golden, an innovator and a leader, and an investor’s dream. It is a company that has brought a new stature into the world of business. Technology is always new; however, Google has turned technology into something everyone can access and use. They have turned the…

  • Tarantulas

    Tarantulas. Large, hairy, gross and scary are all word that have been used to describe them. Most people think that they are menacing and quick to attack. But truly, unless you are a bug, small rodent or small bird, they are relaxed and non-aggressive arachnids.

  • Consumer vs Ewaste

    CONSUMER VS E-WASTE : WHO’S GOING TO RUN THE SHOW This paper has been jointly authored by S SURESH KUMAR, a post graduate in computer science, and a research scholar employed with GoI alongwith Dr SP VICTOR Head of Department & Director of Research Centre at St Xaviers College , Palayamkottai Tirunelveli both of whom…