Blueberry Incorporated is a Seattle, Washington-based telecommunications company considering introducing its cellular telephones to the Chinese market. Aware of the fact that there is strong competition in the market, Blueberry understands that the high demand for cellular telephones in China outweighs the existing threat of competition and makes conducting business in the country an attractive business opportunity for the Seattle-based company. However, before moving forward with the idea of entering the Chinese market, Blueberry must take a close look at the risks associated with doing business in China and find a way to manage such risks. Hill (2009) stated “The attractiveness of a country as a potential market for an international business depends on balancing the benefits, costs, and risks associated with doing business in that country” (p. 488). By conducting a regional and a country analysis, Blueberry will have a picture of the challenges associated with conducting business in China and the necessary data to give life to objectives and goals that will help the company tailor a plan. Once the risks associated with doing business in China have been identified, Blueberry will conduct a SWOT analysis that will help identify the pros and cons of moving forward with the company’ plan.