Change is very important for the future growth of a successful business. Leaders of organizations must analyze whether are not their organization will be able to change with the times, due to the organizational demands, society, and economic shifts. Former Chief Executive Officer of Gene One, the late Don Ruiz, was developing an effective plan to implement positive organizational change. Mr. Ruiz wanted to establish the company as a strong competitor. Therefore, Ruiz decided to go public by turning Gene one into an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 3 years. Due to Mr. Ruiz’s untimely death, the plan was never introduced or implemented throughout the organization. As one Of Don‘s siblings, my family and I have come up with a strategy so that Don’s dream could come a reality. The purpose of this body of work is to introduce strategies that may be used to bring effective change to the structure of leadership so Gene One can experience change successfully. A seven step proposal will be introduced so that change can be initiated. My family has illustrated our plan below in Table 1:
Project Management Plan Paper There will be several things that will be identified within this paper. The companies that are involved in this paper are American Bank of Indiana (ABI) and the First American Financial Services group (FAFS). The two banks are going to a merger and some of the risks that have came up during this time is how they can merge in a timely manner and how to avoid any risks that are going to be involved at that time. Something that will be explained in this paper is how the changes will be managed by the management team and how these risks can be avoided from happening.