Abortion and adoption are two very different things but they are both an option a women can choose from when facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. A woman has a right to choose what her future will be and having a child is a choice. Choosing to have an abortion or to give a child up for adoption are both decisions that a women must live with for the rest of her life. Abortion is frowned upon, it is thought of as a negative thing, where as adoption is an option that is supported but they are both a choice to give up a child. Abortion is seen as the easy way out, an irresponsible choice it is a different choice from adoption but that does not make it easier. An unwanted or unplanned pregnancy can change a women’s life but there are ways to deal with it and then move on afterwards.
Managers have many functions in an organization. Traditionally, the term "management" refers to the set of activities, and often the group of people, involved in four general functions, including planning, organizing, leading and coordinating activities. Organizations often have 3 levels of managers. First-line managers are responsible for day-to-day operation. They also supervise the people performing the activities required to make the good or service. Middle managers supervise first-line managers. They are also responsible to find the best way to use departmental resources to achieve goals. Top managers are responsible for the performance of all departments and have cross-departmental responsibility. They establish organizational goals and monitor middle managers (jpkc).