The Compact Oxford English Dictionary the study of crime is defined as “an offense against an individual or the state which is punishable by law; such actions collectively; informal something shameful or deplorable”. Norms come in different forms; potentially criminal acts can be judged against formal moral systems, such as religious beliefs. Under certain circumstances some legally-defined crimes might not be unacceptable when judged against the norms, codes and conventions of socially-acceptable behavior. In other terms a crime is an act or behavior that violates or breaches the rule of political; moral or criminal laws and is liable for punishment and public prosecution. Increasing rate of unemployment is a possible major problem of increasing crime rate. No criminal is by birth a criminal but it is the circumstances which make him do it.
Contents: Unit 1 Management Strategy 1. Definition of Management Strategy. 2. Proposal of a suitable structure for Identification of DHL’s appropriate participation from its stakeholders for the development of strategic management