Book VIII of the Republic of Plato is very clear in its intent. Socrates had just finished describing his ideal state in the previous book, the Aristocratic Republic. However to truly decide whether this is the best political regime in terms of the happiness of its citizens, other regimes must be analyzed in comparison. There are four regimes which, in a sense, digress from the highest regarded Aristocracy. Each of which has a subsequent individual whose dominant characteristic, or order of the soul is in direct relation to that regime. However Socrates’ will also show that it is the individual who dictates the regime, and inevitable digression into the system below it. In this essay I will assess Book VIII and show how the principal virtue of each regime (and of the individual therein) eventually becomes its principal vice and digression.
Crime hot spots are considered crime infested areas. A hot spot is an area that has a greater than average number of criminal or disorder events, or an area where people have a higher than average risk of victimization (Weisburd, 2005). Hot spots vary and may be hotter than others. All neighborhoods, good or bad, have crime hot spots. Most streets free from crime have problematic areas. Factors that contribute to hot spots are always different. Most hot spots is a place that several crimes occur in. Even in a high-crime area, crime is concentrated in a few places or places with no crime at all.