The death penalty is the most arguable and notorious practice today. The concept of capital punishment is a way of deterrence, retribution, restraint or incapacitation rehabilitation and restoration is not new and it is very much understandable from the way human psychology is molded by the fear of happening, the same with themselves. The idea a of deterrence associated with capital punishment has weight and sense, making capital punishment a public example serves it purpose but any judicial system which works on any other principal than the principal of justice cant be trusted.
The play Macbeth is about the character Macbeth, but not just because it is his name, he is an interesting person. Macbeth is the thane of Glamis and Scottish general who is told that he will be king by three witches. He kills King Duncan to bring the prophecy to fruition. He deals with a lot of self conflict because he is not comfortable with his decision to kill King Duncan, and later on Banquo.