Management is an essential tool for the success of any organization. All the function of management are affected by external and internal factors that will influence the decision the managers make and how they delegate the work throughout the organization. Some essential factor that managers must take into consideration that will help the organization move forward and guarantee its success. Diversity and ethics play a big role on an organization as it takes the multi-culture of the organization and display the values used for decision-making. There are several factors that affects all management function but when use appropriately by an organization it will help stay ahead of its competitors.
Abstract China, in recent years, is becoming a superpower to be reckoned with. China is rapidly becoming one of the most economically powerful countries in the world and will more than likely surpass the United States as the world’s supreme economic power. This Global Business Cultural Analysis will not only provide an in depth exploration of China’s culture and that of their cultural business structure, but also supply a comparison of, to that of the United States. This paper will show everyday elements of Chinese culture, how their culture is incorporated into their local business practices, a comparison of Chinese and American cultures, and provide implications for U. S. businesses who wish to conduct business in China.