Day: February 15, 2010

  • Cell Phones Cause Damage to Brain and Society

    Cell phones are widely-used devices in society today. The cell phone is a useful resource, and that’s a fact. Cell phones today are used for many more purposes than simply making a phone call. Cell phones can now record videos, take pictures, surf the web, and provide endless hours of entertainment in various other ways.…

  • History of Apartheid

    Apartheid; the word alone sends a shiver down the spines of the repressed African community. Apartheid was a mordant period in the history of South Africa. . The word apartheid means “separateness” in the Afrikaans language and it described the rigid racial division between the governing white minority population and the nonwhite majority population.

  • Are the Elderly a Vulnerable Population?

    The elderly in America are considered to be a vulnerable population in regards to health and wellness and provision of healthcare. While this consideration may sometimes be based on assumptions related to age and wellness, or lack of, there are increased risk factors that do place a majority of this population at a higher risk…