National health care would be a horrible plan for the Unites States right now. There isn't a single government agency or division that runs efficiently. Americans don’t really want an organization that developed the U.S. Tax Code handling something as complex as health care. Free health care isn't really free since we must pay for it with taxes; expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as defense and education. Profit motives, competition, and individual cleverness have always led to greater cost control and effectiveness.
Even though many people think history is boring, most classic novels take place during a historical time. The Prince and the Pauper takes place during the fifteen thirties of England during the reign of the House of Tudors. Through the use of historical facts Mark Twain demonstrates historical significance of the novel by using the reign of the Tudor family.
If you were to imagine the ideal, no, perfect best friend, then that would be Roger. He was amazing. You would be lucky to have a brief chat with him, even though he didn’t usually say much, or even meet him; then again he stayed in the house most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I know I seem very chipper but I do miss him everyday. You have no idea. Even if you have lost someone close to you I still don’t think it could compare to the loss of Roger. We had a bond like no other. We were like peanut butter and jelly, you know? It was just one of those things that you know has to stay together.