Kudler Fine Foods is a well known specialty grocery store that has three locations throughout California. These locations include Encinitas, Del Mar, and La Jolla. Kudler’s core products include organic foods, and a variety of delicious wines (University of Phoenix, 2003). Kudler Foods is especially known for providing exceptional guest service by establishing high levels of quality products, and maintaining a great understanding of quality product knowledge (University of Phoenix, 2003). Kudler also allows their consumers to special order products that aren’t normally available. Recently, Kathy Kudler who is the company’s founder and owner has noticed a dramatic increase in the demand for organic products. With that in mind, it is imperative that Kudler Fine Foods offer a large variety of organic products for their consumers. By providing a large variety of organic products, Kudler Foods has the opportunity to improve their levels of management and sales (University of Phoenix, 2003). In order to maximize the efficiency of this plan, Kudler Foods will have to contract with local growers and negotiate prices for buying organic produce. This paper will discuss the current business process practiced by Kudler Foods, and how the contract with local growers for organic produce will affect the supply chain. It will also evaluate the influence of the current supply chain and assess what necessary changes should be made in order to maintain their competitiveness, and improve their performance levels.
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Declaration 1 2. Acknowledgement 2 3. Summary 4 4. Introduction 5 5. Findings 7 5.1. Teamwork 7 5.1.1. Creative Innovation 8 5.1.2. Cultural aspects 10 5.2. Motivation 11