In the book by Adam Hochschild, “King Leopold’s Ghost” Hochschild coveys the story of a Belgium king who strives for expansion in the race to colonize the Africa state today know as Congo. King Leopold is a manipulator of his peers; a tyrant to those he forced his reign upon, a man centralized on power, wealth, and a murderer of the innocent. His actions in the Congo disregarded the wellbeing of his followers, compelled Africans into forced labor, and drained the wealth of his own Belgium state all in efforts of Leopold’s own benefit. The paper will answer the questions what is the ghost in King Leopold, what the terror behind the story is, why Leopold was an oppressor not a humanitarian, why greed was his main reason for expansion into Africa and finally who prevails as the hero?
I interned at Sesame Flyers Bildersee Beacon (SFBB) located at Isaac Bildersee Intermediate School in Brooklyn, New York. It accommodates participants ranging from grades kindergarten through eighth grade. The participants come from different schools. The building is equipped with an auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, classrooms, nurse’s office, and bathrooms.