In the workforce environment cultural diversity is a frequent problem, often employees are discriminated against or misunderstood because of their diverse appearance. [adsense:336x280:1:1] We each belong to an entire collection of cultures different shared values, beliefs, and attitudes. Our own actions influence the way we characterize the actions of others. It is not easy to understand people from different cultures. In forming an opinion of other cultures, we have a tendency to make assumptions and generalizations which can get in the way of common sense.
Jesus and Mohammad shaped what Christianity and Islam are today. These two men were born at different places and times in history that touched many lives that begin from birth through their lives to beyond their deaths. Though their teachings were about one God, their beliefs were different in many ways. Tracing their lives to compare and contrast their differences will show each of us the meaning and purpose each of these men had here on earth. The beliefs of Jesus and Mohammad are carried on today throughout society in many different ways.