Today, America is in a serious situation. The economic crisis occurs everywhere and it affects people in every corner of the world. However, there is no crisis in the past that we didn't confront and survived, either the Black Death pandemic in the 12th century or the Great Depression in the 20s. We always find methods or cures to heal ourselves. We always have hope for the future, because we trust in ourselves and especially in our children who are our future. They're young, fresh and healthy, so that they can lead us and the country to a secure future. Unfortunately, reality looks different. The children of America are getting bigger and bigger (Lyons, 1A, 16). Obesity is a serious problem which the numbers show: Already 15.5% of America's children are overweight, which is three times as much as twenty years ago (Lyons, 1A, 17). Getting teased in school can have negative effects on their psyche. Furthermore, obesity follows the children in their adulthood where plenty of health risks will occur. They'll suffer from health disorders, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer (Dibez). In 2002 a health survey showed that 64% of the American adults are overweight or obese (Lyons, 1A, 17). The reason why obesity is so dangerous is because it affects our health, which causes more people to depend on health care. This leads us to the question: How are our children able to lead our country's future if they're obese and depend on health care? America needs to wake up and fight against it. If America's children continue to be obese, it will have tremendous effects for the future of our country. In the end, we need to know how and why it became such a harmful problem in our society, so that we can find solutions and fight against our closest enemy – obesity.