1. Part two of McClendon concerns the church as a caring community. This community is not isolated but is part of the world. It has rules or laws that govern its actions and activities individually and collectively. One cannot embrace Christianity and live outside of society but, Christians should live in this world with its social mores as unified followers of Christ. We must be guided by the Holy Spirit to live socially, politically, and morally.
Boeings Management Planning Axia College When evaluating the management planning function at Boeing it is helpful to first know more about the company themselves. Boeing is well-known for manufacturing and producing aircraft. Some know them as manufacturers of commercial aircraft but they also produce aircraft for the military. In addition to its aircraft Boeing also plans the production of satellites, missiles, electronics, and communication equipment. Boeings chain of command begins from a chief executive officer, in addition to a Board of Directors. And from there the chain goes down to Boeings corporate officers, managers, and then their employees. However, no matter what position or title held by an individual every member of the company is expected to conduct their business appropriately. Of course, much like any other company, Boeings management planning function is influenced by some internal and external factors. These factors can include legal issues, ethics, corporate social responsibilities, the economy, local and federal laws, and competition. These influences affect Boeing’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. However much these factors play into Boeings management planning the company has remained strong. This is mostly thanks to them being able to overcome any downfalls presented by these outside factors and also their ability to capitalize on the opportunities presented by those same factors. Perhaps the one factor that a company dreads the most is legal issues. However, if a company gets large enough the odds indicate that they will have some legal issues eventually. Those odds did not favor Boeing back in June of 2006.