The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, or WARN Act, was enacted on August 4, 1988 and was made effective on February 4, 1989 ( The WARN Act is a requirement put in place that mandates companies to provide sixty days written notice to employees affected by either plant closings or mass layoffs. This includes both salaried and hourly workers, as well as managers and supervisors. In the case of a unionized workplace, the notice must be provided to the union representative. The written notice must also be submitted to the state dislocated worker unit and the appropriate local government unit. The companies are covered under WARN if they have more than 100 employees excluding those who have worked less than six months out of the last twelve, or employees who work an average of less than twenty hours per week ( All types of companies are subject to the act with the exception of Federal, State and local government agencies that provide public services.
There are many reasons in my life that has helped me to decide “Why I Want an MBA?” How much education I obtain is fulfilling a personal goal that I set for myself a very long time ago, even though it has taken me some years to get there. First and foremost, it is very important for me to be a good role model, and an inspiration to my children and grandchildren; and to ensure that they understand that education leads to many successes in life. I have always believed in leading by example. Also, the changes in this global economy, along with my age and job security are some other reasons for my decision.