In our generation today people are attracted to products that could make them beautiful or handsome; products that would make them very attractive. Some may even go under cosmetic surgery to make themselves appear more attractive. Some may refer a person who is obsessed to look good as a “vain” person. One of the things that ladies want to improve in themselves is their breasts because it’s believed that having big breasts will make one more attractive thus making them feel confident and sexy. That is why some women undergo surgery – the breast implants. Others call it as breast augmentation or breast enlargement.
EGYPTIAN PERIOD (3100-311 BC.) To begin with, Egypt, the cradle of the arts of architecture and the seat of the earliest known civilization presents the astonishing picture of a society which went all the way from primitive life to the high level of the civilization by the middle of the third millenium B.C, and then lost its creative power but retained its status for another 2,500 years.