Chen, Nai-Fu, Roll, Richard and Stephen A. Ross. “Economic Forces and the Stock Market.” The Journal of Business 59, 3 (1986): pp.383-403. Chen, Roll and Ross (1986) were among the earliest researchers to identify and test economics factors that should affect stock returns either through future cash flows or through the discount rate. By analyzing factors such as inflation, the term structure of interest rates, industrial production etc. and discovered them to be important in explaining stock returns. Simply stated, Chen et al. strove to discover, the relation of stock price and macroeconomic variables.
William Wordsworth and William Blake: The use of light and dark imagery to create memory In the poem’s “Ode, Intimations of Immortality” by William Wordsworth and “The Tyger” and “The Chimney Sweeper” by William Blake from Songs of Experience, the poets use light and dark imagery to give the audience a picture of life and, ultimately, death. The poems all have the idea of death in common but most importantly, both poets are able to enhance the reader’s experience by providing them with a real sense of place and emotion through their use of imagery. Not only do the authors interpret their senses into light versus darkness, they also use imagery of both to provide us with a way to comprehend the themes of life and death. All three poems have a common theme of how one’s memory can affect the way they perceive death and the afterlife. The use of light and dark imagery in all three poems are similar because they give a firm grasping of reminiscence, enlist the aid of light and dark imagery to show us death, and give the readers a clear vision of the place the author is trying to describe.