Though the actual term “Manifest Destiny” was coined in 1845 by John O’Sullivan a democrat leader and the editior of “The Morning Post”. It was a concept going back to when the pilgrim fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. From the very first settlements in America the pilgrims, the settlers at Jamestown and all along the eastern seaboard, they began expanding litttle by little into the interior. Certainly from the 18th century Americans had come to believe that is was their right, and in fact their duty to bring Christianity and republicanism into the uninhabited western areas of the United States. Of course what these expanisionists did not take into consideration, was that the regions they were expanding into were inhabited by Indians, French, and Spanish speaking peoples. The land was only ‘uninhabited” by English-speaking white people. Manifest Destiny is not a specific time, date, or event in American history. It is more an ideaology, a movement that spans many years. It really created American history, it is what drove its people from coast to coast. Expanding the continent and bringing America’s ideals, government, religion from coast to coast.