After looking through numerous newspaper ads and online listings, I decided to start looking for jobs that I wanted rather than those that I was “just” qualified for, which were mostly entry level crap labor jobs. So, after a while I came the Google employment site: ( .com) where I found a listing for an associate webmaster at the Mountain View, CA location. This position would involve developing and maintaining a lot of the daily web content and dealing with various web related issues and requests throughout multiple departments within Google. The requirements for this position include a Bachelor’s of Arts or a Bachelor’s of Science or equivalent experience; I must have extensive knowledge of html and css as well as the functions of Adobe Photoshop. I will also need to have strong scripting and database skills along with regular dealings with programming languages such as Perl/CGI, Mysql, and JavaScript.
Amniocentesis has come about to be an effective and widely used trend in today’s world. It is a trend that has started to develop very recently. As a new technology, it is still in its primary stages. New developments are being made in this field but none of them have been established right now. In general amniocentesis is described as a process of drawing amniotic fluid from a pregnant women’s womb with a long needle to find out about the sex of the child and also look for any genetic disorders that the child may be carrying, that might affect the child after it is born and as it grows up. More and more pregnant women are using this process to ensure a safe health of their babies but, like everything else, it has its long term effects which cannot be overlooked, and in the long run can have certain effects which can destroy any healthy family.