Throughout history, women’s lacked essential freedoms due to their obligation to maintain the home and bear children. Women were raised to be modest and asexual until marriage. During marriage, women still had to be modest, but they were encouraged to be very sexual beings with their husbands to reproduce. However, the act of bearing and raising children consumed women’s lives. Women were required to stay in the home and be good, maternal beings. It was only until the invention of the birth control pill that women were able to truly take some control over their bodies and livelihood.
TITLE: ‘Areas of what are of purely domestic concern are steadily contracting and those of international concern are ever expanding’ by Stephen J in Koowarta v Bjelke-Peterson (1982) 153 CLR 168, [217].
Being one of the important contributors to world economies, the automotive industry has been subject to globalization in the western world for a long time now. Need for high resource commitments, nature of the industry (scale sensitivity), the current stage in the industry life cycle, increasing competition and declining unit profit margins have forced automobile manufacturers to merge, form alliances or co-operate in the field of R&D, production , marketing and distribution.
Patagonia is outdoor equipment and clothing company that began as a group of climbers and surfers who were trying to find a better way to do what they love. They began by creating climbing equipment but they quickly became set apart from their competition by their overwhelming concern for the environment. Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis (Patagonia). This is their mission as a company and is what has set them apart by leading the green movement in the business world.