Fatigue in the aviation maintenance workplace is a long standing issue according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Since 1997, the NTSB has maintained this issue on their Most Wanted List. The NTSB’s most wanted list is comprised of the most critical aviation safety improvements
From a Human Factors (HF) perspective, there are many elements to consider in the design process of displays. Displays, signs, banners, etc. are a part of our daily lives; and more often than not, are in place to provide information to make our life safer. Whether the display is in the cockpit or on
The novel War and Peace, by author Leo Tolstoy, is a truly amazing book. It recounts the Napoleonic Battles and details the journeys of Prince Andrey, Pierre, Nikolay, Natasha, and many others. Tolstoy describes these battles with haunting images and fills the reader’s head with detailed pictures as
Dell Computer is a leader in the e-commerce computer hardware market. It is an established brand that leads personal computer manufacturers in U.S. sales and overall online sales. Its trademark method of selling products to customers, corporate and individual consumers, emanates from the Dell Direct
Twenty-seven years ago, US anti-nuclear activist, Karen Silkwood, was fighting in an uphill battle against Kerr-McGee Metallography Laboratory. Sadly after months of preparation and hard work for the case, Karen was killed in a fatal car crash. She