Day: December 6, 2007

  • Recall those mighty titianes?

    “We are the Titans the mighty mighty Titans! Everywhere we go people want to know who were is so we tell them! We are the Titans the mighty Titans.” This quote comes from the movie Remember the Titans. This movie starring Denzel Washington is a movie

  • The Lakota Wars

    Tensions were building and with expansion of Americans to the West, it only added to further the atomicity of the Indian towards the whites. What also added fuel to the fire were the corrupt agents that switched Indian traders with their own. After

  • Use of Propaganda in the Iraq War

    When most people think about propaganda, they think about the enormous public relations campaigns that were waged by Hitler and Stalin in the 1930’s. Since nothing comparable to the posters produced at that time is used in our society today, many believe

  • Misunderstanding The Meaning of Love

    What is love? What does it mean? Today many people misuse and misunderstand the meaning of love. It is a word that is thrown around and has little to no meaning for some people anymore. Love is a powerful word that harnesses so much emotion that most people

  • The Dog That Will Not Die!

    In this world there are several things I dislike, but most of all I dislike my roommate’s dog. He drives me crazy. I have several reasons not to like this dog; it is old and grumpy, it stinks, and it thinks it can sleep on anything in the house. There

  • Recreational Hunting and Fishing – A Great Time with Family

    Ever since I was younger I have really enjoyed a nice morning hunt or fish, it has always been something I look up to doing. Hunting and fishing are great ways to relive stress and relax after a long day. They are big recreational sports these

  • Development and Training Employees as a Method of Retention

    Employee retention guarantees companies remain high performance organizations. Crucial to retention is identifying talented employees who possess potential, showing them how they add value to the organization, and using their talents, so not only