Carol Armstrong's Birth of Photography Essay When reading Carol Armstrong’s article, one is hard pressed to decide what the point of her analysis is. Is it really just perpetuating the reductive, gendered ideas of Cameron’s time, or is it trying to interrogate
Anne Maxwell Struggle With Exploitative Photography - Essay While Anne Maxwell raises some interesting and valid points regarding the exploitative portrayal of indigenous peoples in colonial photography, it is
Daguerre and Talbot's Understanding Of Photography - Essay The metaphors used by Daguerre and Talbot (“the pencil of nature” etc) reveal an understanding of photography as a tool for the areas of art and science, rather than an artistic medium in its own right.
Responce to Barthe's Essay Camera Lucida - English In Barthe’s essay “Camera Lucida”, we see an analysis of the photo in terms of the studium and the punctum. The studium for the most part produces the unary photo,