How To Be and Not To Be Is The Question - English Essay To be or not to be; this appears to be a simple question that people deal with every day. However, there are matters that are just not as simple as I want them to
“The Most Dangerous Game” is a suspenseful, ironic, action-thriller. I thought the author successfully created an attention-grabbing plot. The story included some very interesting characters, though there were few; General Zaroff, the owner of the mysterious Ship-Trap Island and the hunter in the Game; Ivan, the enormous, brutish Cossack, Zaroff’s servant; and Rainsford, the hunter turned hunted and main character of the story. Three of the many ironies in this book include: 1) the fact that Rainsford, being a hunter, became the hunted; 2) Rainsford didn’t care about the prey he hunted and