Does Your Speech Betray You? - Theology Essay As I stood in line at the check-out counter, I listened to the cashier talk to a customer. Her accent sounded very familiar. When it was my turn to pay for my items, I asked her, “Are you by chance from Herrick, IL?” “Why yes,” she replied with a surprised look on her face. “How did you
Shaalan V. Jerden Breif Summary- Tort Law Research Paper (300 Level Course) Shaalan V. Jerden, 713 NE2d 896 Ind. App. (1999) Facts: Rita Wanstrath Jerden gave birth to a son, A.K.S., on January 31, 1992. The next day Rita and Shaalan executed a paternity affidavit. They never wed, but Shaalan lived with Rita and the child or had frequent contact through March 1994. Shaalan paid for four months of day care while Rita provided financial support.