FDP Consumer Behavior and International marketing - Marketing Research Paper (400 Level Course) Louis Vuitton is an excellent example of having brand loyalty in a global market. Louis Vuitton is a staple product for those that can afford it. It became a staple product because of its customer service and product guarantee. A Louis Vuitton bag is supposed to last longer than the owner’s life time. When a Louis Vuitton bag becomes damaged it is replaced or fixed for free without questions or hassles.
A Balanced Scorecard for Small Business - Small Business Research Paper (500 Level Course) Abstract The balanced scorecard is a performance management system that enables businesses to drive strategies based on measurement and follow-up. Since the early 1990s the balanced scorecard has been applied in numerous large organizations resulting in many positive results that have been chronicled in the management literature. However, there are few studies addressing the use of a balanced scorecard within small companies.