Bass Pro Shops - Marketing Strategy Research Outline (300 Level Course) • Problem Statement o Bass Pro Shops are category killers and have a handful of competitors and a large target market they are not meeting.
Laptop Research Paper - Information Systems (200 Level Course) First web site: 1.Is the site promoting the product category or promoting a specific brand? What value does the site offer consumers?
Leo Burnett - Advertising Pioneer. Marketing Strategies Research Paper (300 Level Course) In the middle of the great depression a man named Leo Burnett started an advertising company named the Leo Burnett Company. It began in Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel in 1935. The Leo Burnett Company started with only enough people to sit around a card table in the loby of the hotel. The company had three clients one, which was the Green Giant, which remains a client today. Leo Burnett only has two offices in the United States; its headquarters in Chicago and the other only other American office in New York, New York.
Search Engines Still Fail to Disclose Ads - Internet Marketing Research Article (300 Level Course) Consumer Reports WebWatch released the fourth part of an ongoing research project to see the ways search engines identify and explain paid search results. This study found little improvement over the last year, and came to the conclusion that the 15 search engines examined had unsatisfactory results.
New Belgium Brewing Company - Marketing Strategy Resesarch Outline (300 Level Course) • Problem Statement o The lack of constant marketing that reinforces the award winning taste of the New Belgium Brewing Company.
Internet Retailer Price Points - Internet Marketing Research Paper (300 Level Course) A study was conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania; found that 87% of people strongly objected to internet retailers charging different consumers different prices based on information collected by the retailer about the consumers shopping habits. The internet allows consumers to price check and find the lowest price for the item they want to purchase. It also allows retailers to gather information about a consumers shopping habits and preferences and set prices for that consumer accordingly.
The Great Depression - American History II Essay (200 Level Course) The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn is American history. The stock market crashes of Black Tuesday and Black Thursday in October of 1929 were the immediate causes on the Great Depression. I found that there are three underlying causes to the Great Depression. There was the over production by businesses during the 1920s, second the concentration of America’s wealth in the hands of a few people, and third the lack of prosperity among the farmers and the factory workers caused up rest.
The Progressive era was from 1895-1920, named by historians for the reformats spirit that took place. The Progressive era had three goals to help the “common man” to get the government to regulate big business and to reduce the power of political bosses.
The civil rights movement began in 1954 with the Supreme Court ruling on the Brown v. The Board of Education and ended almost ten years later in 1965 in Selma, Alabama with the killing of 4 young girls.
Causes of The Great Depression - History Research Outline (200 Level Course) 1) The world- wide economic disorder following world war I a) WWI had caused vast destruction of property, loss of millions of lives, disruption of trade