Why do I want to study Public Administration at the University of Tartu?

Why do I want to study Public Administration at the University of Tartu?
Public Administration is one of the most interesting specialities because of its versatility. Personally, I could not imagine myself studying only one sphere for

about four years – it would become boring and routine. For me it is important to develop my knowledge in as many fields as possible. Being professional in only one sphere does not equal to being intellectual. If I want to achieve a considerably high educational level, I should acquire proficiencies in more than just one area.

If there was a possibility for me to become a student of Public Administration, I could be able to increase my knowledge also in political and legal construction of the country, political philosophy; the theory of bureaucracy, organization and communication; ethics and sociology. In my opinion this is a profound basis for further education.

To me, being intellectual does not only mean reading materials and knowing the history, but I also want to have the knowhow of the mechanism of social processes, which I am also part of. Another reason to have the knowhow is my dependency upon these processes. Furthermore, studying Public Administration I can acquire practical knowledge of economics, statistics, leadership, book-keeping; the finances, state and administration law of Estonia, comparative administration systems and administration politics. The huge amount of knowledge like this would allow me to be more competitive.

To my knowledge the curriculum of Public Administration at the University of Tartu has proven to be one of the best in Middle and Eastern Europe. Because of my plans of acquiring my first higher education in Estonia, Tartu is certainly my first choice. So, why to satisfy with less, when I can acquire education of such high quality. I am very interested of studying at the University of Tartu because of its long-time traditions, which according to my knowledge, is one of the major reasons why this university has gained such respect and fame in both Estonia and the foreign countries.

Another bonus for studying Public Administration is that I can acquire subsidiary speciality from the faculty of sociology or from the faculty of economics or law. The more knowledge and practical experience I will get the better are my chances to gain success in the future. What is more, studying at this faculty will help me to achieve high qualification, because the most part of the studying process is in English. In the present, and also most probably in the future as well, English is playing a crucial role in worldwide communication and business, because it is a globally universal, most widely used language.

When it comes to choosing a speciality, it is also important to like it. Otherwise my achievements would be less resultative. In Public Administration I am most attracted to the versatility, flexibility and sensibility of this sphere. I also think that nearly everything in this area is both very exiting and inspiring. In my life, knowing the system, how different processes work, is one of the highest priorities.

In addition to it I feel that my personality suits Public Administration and would fit this area very well. The reasons for this opinion are my abilities to communicate with people, analyze different situations rapidly and myself being an active person. However, despite all the possibilities that this sphere would offer I still think that the most important thing about education is having satisfaction from learning. That is why I want to study Public Administration at the University of Tartu.