What is Geography

What geography is: Geography is about countries and lands. We study about countries all over the world. There are three kind of geographical descriptions. These are human geography, physical geography and

environmental geography.

All about Latitude and Longitude: Longitude and latitude is a system of lines used to find the location of any place, on the surface of the earth. Lines of latitude run in an east-west direction. Lines of longitude run in a north-south direction.

The prime meridian is the imaginary line which goes across the earth. The meridian runs from the north pole to the south pole. The prime meridian runs through the Greenwich Observatory in London. There are 5 lines of latitude running through the earth. The Artic Circle, the Tropic of Cancer , the Tropic of Capricorn , the Antarctic Circle , and finally the most important one is the Equator.

About maps and grid references: A map shows you the world. There are different kinds of maps. On a map different things are coloured in so you know what’s what. On a map you can see where you are if you’re lost. Here are some examples of different kinds of maps:

  1. World Maps
  2. Park Maps
  3. Europe Map
  4. School Maps
  5. Country Maps
  6. Shopping Center Maps
  7. County Maps
  8. Tourist Maps
  9. Settlement maps
  10. GPS Navigation System

Grid references help you find any place on a map. There are two kinds of grid references. Normal grid references and six figure grid references. The imaginary lines are shown on the maps so you can find stuff. The little squares on the map are numbered , so in the index whatever the places number is you can find it very easily. On most of the maps there is a scale about the length of the roads. There are also lots of keys what let you know about shops and things. This is how you use grid references and maps.

Things about settlements: A settlement is where people live. It could be a hamlet, village, town or city. Settlements are built on different sites. A site is the land where the settlement is built on. In a settlement there are lots of dwellings, but it depends how big the settlement is. A dwelling is where people live (House or flat). Before you choose a settlement you have to look at the factors of the settlement. There are good factors and poor factors. If you choose a settlement it shouldn’t have many poor factors, because it would have many faults while you live there.

The way settlements grow: All the settlements have grown a lot since the older times. More people come to the area and settle down to live. The people can come for work and all sorts of stuff. Lots of people make families and have children and so on, and so on……

The settlement hierarchy shows you how many settlements there are. Here is an example for one:

The settlement hierarchy shows you how many types of settlements there are and how many of them. The bigger the settlement is the less there is.