Uniforms in High School – Education Essay

Uniforms in High School – Education Essay
The idea of a uniform in schools has been debated for years. Those opposed often use the lack of creative freedom as the main fault of a uniformed environment, saying a uniform stifles creativity by limiting

one’s “expression of self”. But how I see it, self expression is definitely not limited to appearances, and you can be your own unique individual and not have to use your appearance to do so. In fact, appearing tthe same as others would spark more of a need to be individual to “stand out” as who you are, which is far more beneficial for developing character. Looking the same on the outside challenges you to find out how you’re unique as a person, and uniforms can do that.

Uniforms have benefits other than sparking your internal individual. When clothes are used to “define yourself” they are used as tools for making yourself “superior”, and become tools for belittling others. Bullying always is and always has been a large problem in high schools. Among young women especially, clothes and the message they carry are a large factor. Uniforms eliminate all the competition of labels and trends and creates a haven from all the superficial judgement that clothes can carry. After all, school is a place for education and development and that competitive dynamic of appearances is not something that should be mixed with either of those.

All of this negative competition with appearances can definitely diminish your self esteem or body image, if you cannot meet the expectations of the latest trend. The “one size fits all” attitude of a uniform levels the playing field as far as appearances go. Learning to get to know people for who they are beyond how much their outfit cost is imperative for developing your character for the future. Not judging people by what they’re wearing is extremely important for entering society as an adult so you don’t judge people by their image and appearance and you yourself don’t expect to be evaluated solely on that either.
Uniforms also teach you to not rely on appearances and regulates a strong character and personality. I would rather know I am appreciated for my character and personality than any image I am projecting or my clothes, which brings on the issue of the role appearance and image play in society. Physical appearance is dominant in our society and the idea of a uniform in high schools seems like a refreshing relief from all of that judgment and actually enforces good values and priorities. Uniforms make you focus on the person, their mind, which is why you’re at school, to improve your mind, not your clothes.

Appearances can be deceiving, be used as a tool to do so, or to belittle others. They can make you feel inadequate in so many ways, so why not remove all that negativity from high school, where impressionable young adults go to learn values for life? The purpose of school is to get an education, and until you’re graded on your shoes, wearing a uniform is the best way to do that.