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The Hunger Games Book Report The Hunger Games (9780439023481): Collins, Suzanne: BooksIn the Hunger Games, there are 12 districts and in District 12 we meet the main character Katniss Everdeen. In addition to being the primary character of the book, she remains so throughout the series. We learn early in the book that in this world representatives each of the districts are selected to compete against one another in a death match meant to reinforce the idea that the labor class exists as entertainment for the ruling class. Quickly the day comes to select district 12s champion and Katniss’s sister Prim is chosen. Katniss’s understanding that her sibling would never ever make it volunteers to take her location. The other representative from District 12 is a young boy named Peeta.

Peeta and Katniss are sent out to get all set for the video games, that’s when they satisfy Haymitch who is expected to train them. Haymitch sets a thing up so it looks like Peeta and Katniss are in love, this makes the audience more interested so that they have to pretend. Summing it up Katniss goes through a lot and sees things like her buddy Rue get stabbed through her neck, and then she discovers Peeta harmed.

I believe that Suzanne Collins might have been discussing something that might occur if someplace like North America was taken control of, and after that, she made it fascinating by including the Hunger Games. I believe that this book was excellent and effectively composed and there wasn’t a part of the book that didn’t hold my attention, I would refer this book to anyone with a solid 5-star evaluation.

I can associate with Katniss in the book when she takes her sibling’s position, I believe that looking after my household is necessary and I would’ve done the very same. When both Katniss and Peeta make it out alive and piss off the capitol that was so amazing, my preferred part of the book would be. After I check out the book I saw the film and I would need to state that the book is way much better than the motion picture besides Jennifer Lawrence she played the best Katniss.