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Should Public Transport be Free of Charge

Every one of us probably used public transport once in his lifetime. If it was a train a bur or a subway, we have to pay for it, but is that really necessary? It is a theme, which is often discussed, but I am convinced that if public transport is free we would have a better world. It should be free of charge to give everyone the opportunity to get to their destination.

It is true that many of us would not prefer to take public transportation if given a choice, the more people we have taking buses, trains, and subways, the less people we have on the road. If more people would use public transport, we would have decrease traffic, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The crucial fact is that we live in a society where cars are really required, but it would be so much better to use the bus or the train. For example, if I need to go to the University I always take the train and the bus. So a lot more people would use public transport and just leave their cars home. All of us want a cleaner planet for our future and the future of our children.

Furthermore there are a lot of people who do not have that much money to pay for public transport. I know a family back home, who always take the bike to get to the supermarket, which is 5 kilometers far away. They have a hard life and they do not have money to pay for the bus and this makes their life much harder. In addition people can easy get to their work with help of public transport, but especially driving by train is really expensive. So for example a man works 7 hours in a not well played job and into the bargain the work place is far away. So he has to pay that much money for the train, that it is more trouble than it´s worth.

What also must not be forgotten is that driving by train or bus helps the social connection and could also support a better atmosphere if it would be free. I have been to Australia and in Melbourne there are some busses and trains for free. This makes life their so much easier and you fell just better and you are happier, if you drive with a train which is for free.

To sum up, you can see that there are a lot of considerable advantages for making public transport free. Of course we need a lot of money to realize this idea, but all in all it would be a better way of live, especially if we look in the future. We all can help to provide a better environment and that is important for the future. I am sure that if public transport would be free, a lot of people would use it and want to help for a better world for all of us.