Should Buildings Older Than 50 Years Be Knocked Down – English Essay

Should Buildings Older Than 50 Years Be Knocked Down – English Essay
Heritage is the base of evolution. People change information and what they have learned with new generation. This is how people grow perfect. After death

they leave signs that reflect their life. The heritage can be social. Cultural heritage is the most important one. Buildings built in certain ages are clues that make historical exploring much easier. People should preserve them for these reasons.

Fist of all, preserving old buildings means creating a spirit. Our ancestors built these buildings with love. They have carried a lot of emotions there. Old buildings not only look spiritual, but they also are full of spirit of the past. A city that has an old town has a spirit created from all the people that have ever lived in there.

Secondly, preserving buildings from the past is respecting our ancestors. They have created different life style than current generation has. We should be thankful to previous generations for everything that we have now, because our society is built on previous ones.

Third, despite the fact that some old buildings look dirty, the renovated ones look great. Keeping buildings from different architecture makes condition for everyone to explore the past. Eclectic city is a beautiful city. To live in one is a pleasure.

To conclude I want to tell that knocking down old buildings means deleting the past. We cannot do that, because the past is a great teacher.