Really Funny Scholarship Essay – Example Scholarship Essays

Really Funny Scholarship Essay – Example Scholarship Essays
I am not exactly sure what all is considered in respect to receiving a scholarship, so I’ll just lay it all out. It’s my goal some day to become a research psychologist, in cognitive psychology or educational

psychology. Towards this end I have been constantly involved in projects concerning similar subjects. I worked in the Third International Math and Science Study, where I first got exposed to some of the applications of statistics. This is also when I finally decided on my statistics and psychology double-major. After I finished a year doing web server coding and statistical programming, I moved on to work for a psychology professor, Dr. Burns, to see what I was getting myself into as a psychology major. There I experienced hands-on work, understanding and designing a method of gauging the influence that cognition has on time perception. I found this fascinating. So, now I am particularly interested in cognitive psychology, but I am still looking for a chance to sample more of what educational psychology has to offer. In the end, I would like to become a professor because I love to teach and I would like to expand the field of psychology some day. Unless the field of statistics snags me away, I am quite certain this is what I want to do in the future.

Although my almost masochistic academic schedule keeps me pretty busy, I am not defined by my educational pursuits. Besides spending quality time with my best friends and girlfriend, I am involved in a few extra curricular activities. For starters, I am a member of the MSU Fencing Team. This year I made first string on the collegiate competition squad, so I’m excited to travel around the nation representing our university. Also, I often attend the MSU yoga classes/club that meets weekly.

In the area of community service, I have been committed since when I was a Boy Scout in 6th grade. Although my academic and athletic commitments prevent me from more than sparse contributions during the academic year, I spend about a month every summer traveling down to Guatemala to translate Spanish for the doctors who volunteer to their services to the rural poor in the region near Lake Atitlan. And, of course, I proudly display my “MSU Blood Drive” T-Shirt, which is more of a personal victory due to my fear of needles.

In conclusion, I hope that I stand out somewhat from the droves and droves of applications that I am sure you are receiving. It must be difficult to read through all those essays and somehow justify giving a select few of us a scholarship that we all really need. So, to be more memorable, I will summarize who I am one last time. A Spanish speaking, fencing, computer dork of a student, who needs a little more money to make ends meet and entertain his dream of being a psych prof, so he can torture another generation of undergrads with education. ?