Overview of Management

The primary functions of management consist of four functions, which pertain to the planning and strategizing, organizing, controlling, and leading. “The four management functions should be closely linked. For instance, the control system should warn the organization that its plans and strategies are not working and need to be reconsidered” (Gomez- Mejia-Balkin, 2002, p. 5).

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was established in 1998. Kudler Fine Foods is in three different areas in California. The first store opened in La Jolla, the second store is located in Del Mar and the third is in Encinitas both of the areas are in California. Kathy Kudler is the president and founder of the company in which she has manually managed the company. The store managers will have responsible duties such as supervising employees, managing the store within the budget and operating guidelines, plans and prepare a work schedule for employees, formulates pricing policies on the merchandise, prepares sale promotions and directs workers with the merchandise displays and advertisements. Store managers will take care of the inventories, reconciling cash with sales receipts, prepare record of transactions, answer customer complaints, and lock and secure the store.

The director of finance and accounting will develop and implement goals that relate to the financial management, budget, accounting, and payroll. He or she will also supervise in preparations of the financial statements, maintain accurate records, prepare statements and reports of the estimated future costs, manage the financial institutions relationships with lenders and review the financial statements with the management.

The director of store operations will manage the operations of the three stores, which consist of supervising the managers of purchasing and inventory. Director of operations will be responsible for the safety of the store, facilitate maintenance, security and the compliance with the state and federal regulations.

The director of administration and human resources will develop policies, direct, and coordinate human resource activities. The director of administration and human resources will supervise in developing training, recruit employees, analyzes the wage and salary reports.

Technology and the Internet
The Technology and the Internet has become advanced over the years and has now become a place for companies to endorse and sell their merchandises, goods and services to a larger amount of customers than by the traditional advertisement in which this will involve networking. “Networking is the ability to build and sustain a personal network that can enable you to reach your professional goals” (Gomez-Mejia-Balkin, 2002, p. 7). Kudler Fine Foods is no different than any other company. Kudler has developed a website or network to inform new and present customers about Kudler’s’ goods and services. Because there are other companies which are on the Internet that sell goods similar to Kudler, the company’s website must use detailed graphics to set the company enthusiastically different from the company’s competition.

Cite Examples of the Five Forces
The company carefully plans the operations and order product when the company believes the sales will become the highest. When the sales fall the company will do promotional activity. According to Kudler the company currently does not have any competition; another gourmet shop could open in our geographic area. If we offer fresh and healthy products at a reasonable price, hopefully we can keep competitors from entering the marketplace. Because customers expect a high-quality product, Kathy makes sure that the product is pulled from the shelf and replaced as soon as possible if the turnover rate is less than expected (Kudler, 2003).

In conclusion to the article there has been an understanding that the primary functions of the company is responsible to several departments or individuals in whom the individuals rely on one another for the company to be successful, expand, and to grow. The company is willing to keep their customers satisfied. For the company to grow and succeed the company uses the Internet to help in providing for their customers and to advertise.

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