Organizational Behavior – Management Essay

Within every organization there are guide lines and tasks that must be preformed to insure that the organization will run properly. Each company has their own culture developed by all those within the company. Each person brings with them their own personal background and behavior. These differences contribute to the company forming the organizations own culture and behavior.

The shared belief and values of an organizations members, is the organizations culture. There are three types of organizational cultures. In the passive/ defensive culture the members are seeking job security. Members are not concerned with helping a fellow employee. Another organizational culture is described as an aggressive/ defensive culture where members act oppositional towards one another to protect their status within the group. Both of the previously mentioned cultures are very effective organizational approaches to having productive, satisfies members. However, the constructive culture is the most advantageous of the three. Members are helpful in their interactions and they encourage and empower their fellow employees. This last organizational culture encompasses teamwork and motivates its members (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2008) Ch.1

Understanding ones organizational culture is essential to the satisfaction level felt within the company. Never the less understanding the organizations behavior is equal in importance to employee satisfaction. Managers should be aware that they are accountable for how the employees feel about their workplace and duties they are required to perform. Effective managers help their employees get things done in a timely, high quality, and personally satisfying way. Managers’ plan by selecting goals and ways to meet the goals selected, organizing another duty implemented by management, by work systems with structure leading, by example and hard work are other attributes of an effective manager. Thus allowing the manager to calculate results and measure performance of the employees. Monitoring control within the organization is another attribute of a manager (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2008) Ch. 1

The effectiveness of all the roles is what sets the mood for an organizations behavior.
Ethnical diversity within an organization is considered invaluable. Members draw from each others strengths, they learn from each others differences, and break down the barriers that have crippled society with stereotypes for decades. Each member of an organization contributes to the organizations culture by using their own collective experiences. Emerging these experiences into one organization help to make a unique culture and provide an advantage, competitively for the organization. (Shermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2008)Ch.16

Communication is a major aspect of any well running organization. Members will make decisions, set goals, and allocate resources and direct activities within an organization to provide the best overall productivity of the company. Communication is relatively the largest contribution to success. Managers who are successful and managers who are effective have very different emphasis. Effective management seeks the satisfaction of their employees along with full commitment and exemplary performance (Robbins and Judge, 2009) Ch. 1

Within the organization in which I am associated with we hold monthly meetings to analyze our past, present, an future accomplishments, events and activities we have or will have to better help the community within our meetings we briefly summarize the minutes of the previous meeting so that members will be informed and have the opportunity to ask questions if necessary. Next we have the treasurer’s report and new business. During the new business sections members may call attention to problems we may be having within the organization, share accomplishments, and bring new ideas before the board for consideration. In addition to the meetings we hold can food drives, clothes drives, and even toiletries drive that we donate to charitable organizations. The women’s crisis center, Dells children hospital, and the helping center, food distribution are a few of the organizations we donate to. The organization encourages those who can help, and communicates with those who need help to better meet the needs of the family or community faced with difficulties. Every year during the holidays our organization will “adopt” a family and donate food, clothing, toys and other specific requests depending on the circumstances of the family. Communication and diversity are very important in our organization. Each member contributes their own thoughts and ideas based on their background and past experiences. We draw from all of these different, personal cultures to obtain the best outcome fro everyone involved weather it be those donating or those receiving the donation.

Each organization has their own culture created by combining each individuals own life experiences. Beliefs, communication, diversity, organizational behavior are important aspects of any successful organization.

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