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National Bank of Pakistan – Information Technology Review

Visit To NBP cant Brach on 25/8/2010 Report

It was 25th august, when the students of Bs (CS) and IT 6th semester went to National Bank of Pakistan main branch cant to visit a information technology sector. Mr.khalid Badini, the chairman of department, too accompanied us to supervise the visit. Under the guidance of Mr. Badini, we analyzed the complete system of NBP .The resources which we analyzed out there are give below:

Resources of NBP in IT sector were using:

1. Server (EBS 400 IBM)
2. Router Cisco 3600
3. PTCL connection for net DXX
4. DTU (Used for sink)
5. Database DB2
6. OS 400 IBM
7. One Switch
8. Fiber Optic panel
9. Batch panel
10. Backup were using for internet.
1. Wateen
2. Modem (DSL)
3. Radio System/Line
11. Main application was existing EBS which developed in COBOL language.

Description of given resources.
Server EBS 400 IBM machine is used as a server in NBP cant Quetta. It is a server which monitors the whole domain of Balochistan, monitoring approximately 23 branches are online in Quetta region and two branches are online in Gawadar region . NBP cant branch is using some resources for networking and communication:
2. Wateen
3. Modem (DSL)
4. Radio Line

The actual connection is DXX, it is 64K bandwidth for each Branch. Each branch is communicated with main server by DTU (Data transmission unit). So it means there are 25th branches and each branch is using two pairs of DTU. One pair is kept in main branch and another pair is kept in a sub branch and each Branch is using 64K bandwidth. It is an admitted truth that DTU is just used for communication. Whereas, NBP cant branch is communicated with main branch Karachi and they are using 128K bandwidth for communication.

Though speed seems to be very slow for such huge organization yet we were told that this kind of speed is being used so as to avoid hacking possibility and is according to the requirements of data transmission and reception as well. Router Cisco 3600 is used for defining the roots of each branch and it has been configured by main branch through the telnet. NBP is using three other connections as a backing of network communication cum Wateen, Radio Line and Modem .If the actual given line is down or disconnected then backup automatically functions.

My Views
Under the guidance of our Chairman Mr. Khalid Badini, we not only came to know about the ABC of EBS but we also developed the sense to operate this system as well. As research is a need of every student to learn and the very visit, with the kindness of our Chairman, provided us the chance to learn something new that was not in our knowledge before. In the end, I fall short of words to thank the Chairman for arranging nice trip and show my optimistic hope to have such trips in future as well to raise our knowledge.