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About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease that can be potentially deadly. Also called MS, it affects your central nervous system and the myelin shield. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal

cord. The myelin shield is a soft, white, fatty substance that shields the nerves (Rosner, 1897). MS occurs when the myelin shield breaks down and scar tissue replaces it. This slows and sometimes blocks the signals from flowing through the nerves to their correct destination. This often results in the dysfunctionality of many important functions such as, vision, strength, or coordination. Most people with MS experience their first symptoms around 30 or 40 years old, after the myelin shield has broken down. MS can include many relapses, because since the myelin shield repairs itself the symptoms go away but the MS is still there and it breaks down the shield again causing even more scar tissue, resulting in worse symptoms. Twice as many women are affected by MS than men. Some people live their whole life with MS and do not know it, While others may be paralyzed and end up bed-ridden or in a wheelchair in just a couple of months after the first signs of symptoms.

There are many symptoms of MS. They are very diverse. Just because you may be experiencing one or more of a MS symptom, it does not mean you have MS. Some symptoms are common and may be a sign of another serious disease or disorder. However, if you are experiencing any symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately. Some common or odd symptoms of MS are Proprioceptive Dysfunction- Loss of awareness of location of body parts, Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, Anxiety, and Dysdiadochokinesia- Loss of ability to produce rapidly alternating movements, for example to move to a rhythm.

There are many treatment options for MS, but no real cure. Lots of the available treatments or medications are shots. There are some pills, but like most conditions, rest, exercise, and a healthy diet cannot hurt. Most of the medications either help your muscles relax or reduce nerved tissue inflammation.