A Million Dollars or Knighthood: Which Would You Choose?

The Best thing would be if I could get both, a million dollars and knighthood. If I have to select any one between them, I would prefer a million dollars. Knighthood to me represents a position of respect and dignity. Respect which is given to somebody without

him doing any good to the society or country is not worth it. A person needs to have a reason for him to get the respect signified by the knighthood. I would like to use the million dollars to help others and make some money for myself.

A major part of the million dollars I will use to start a small project or venture which will provide employment to a few people. If the project succeeds, it will grow and employ more and more people. In a country like India which faces major unemployment problem, if I can provide employment to a few people, it’s a great achievement. I am helping others, to improve there lives and in turn improving my life.

India is a developing country, and is home to lots of people who are below poverty line. Lots of homeless children, try to find something to do with there lives. Using Part of million dollars and a part of my income, I would try to help a few children get a proper education and make their life better.

There are chances that the project I intend to start does not pick up. In this case at least I would have tried to do something significant. In any case the respect anyone gets from people he tries to help is more valuable than the knighthood. The best part being if the project does well, I will get both the million dollars and respect worth more than the knighthood.