Life After Death – Personal Essay

Is there life after death? In my upbringing thru the years, I always felt there was life after death. Listening to the older relatives who were some time on their deathbeds, they would drift in and out and say what pretty lights they see and the people are having so much fun. Some people tell that they see their loved ones urging them to come on and join them on the other side.

I remember an old saying is when one person dies a new life is created in the family. When my grandmother past, nine months later my grandson was born. Can I say this was my grandma coming back, who knows? Some on my grandson’s mannerism when he was born reminded us of my grandmother, the way he used to move his hands and stare at a person sideways to try to believe what they were saying.

As for what happens after physical death, I think each person afterlife is their perception of what the afterlife is. You believe in re-incarnation, you’ll be re-incarnated. If you believe in the concept of heaven based on the strength of your faith you will go there. If you spend your whole life apologizing for sin and living in a kind of shame maybe you go to hell and feel that shame for eternity.

People will tell you the way you live your life here on earth is just a test of faith for what is to become of you in the afterlife. I believe we are all tested in one way or other every day. A lot of the afterlife believes comes in different religious believes also. Some religions believe once you die and are buried your body turns to ashes and your soul is returned to heaven and that is it. Other religions believe once you die if you have lived a Christian life you are re-born again.

Many assume that after receiving Christ, a joyful entrance into heaven is all that remains. Scripture teaches that Jesus will reward us according to how we lived our life on earth. He taught this principle in the parable of the talents in Luke 19. Each servant was entrusted to administer the talents the master gave him. Upon the return of the master, each servant had to give an account for his stewardship. The wise servants were rewarded doubly, while the wicked servant was removed.

Hundreds of people from all around the world have experienced what is now called “Near Death Experiences”. Each story is different, but they also share a lot of things in common with each other. Nearly all experience feeling wonderful and warm and thinking that they would rather be there than back on earth. People die and are reborn every time they experience a change in their life.

There have been a number of very strange things that have happened to people who have “flat-lined” and been clinically declared dead. Some people can remember discussions in the room that occurred after their death and recite them later with accuracy. Does that validate death and life for certain? To me, it tells us there is a spiritual world beyond our own realm of life.

Bottom line the power of the human mind cannot be underestimated, we create our own lives and realities, and we also create our own afterlife.